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As usual it’s been months since I’ve posted, but I have been busy. Great time at the Tom Bishop’s Chicago Show! Now to get ready for the Dallas Showcase of Miniatures April 29 & 30th! I will bring some paintings (originals and copies of old master’s paintings like Modigliani and van Gogh), a Santa Fe Art Gallery Room Box, and some assorted furniture and accessories. The turnings are wood, acrylic, and talc in 1′, 1/2″, and 1/4″ scale. The paintings average 2″ x 3″ and are hand painted in acrylics (by me) on 100% French cotton paper, sealed with a varnish and then framed and backed. I have posted some photos on this site, but I have many more. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next show!

ABOUT TINY TURNS – I’m Debi Weisler and I’m so glad you decided to visit Tiny Turns!  I LOVE the miniature world. You probably share that love or you wouldn’t have arrived at this site now. Thanks to an indulgent husband and a chance meeting of one of the finest woodturners around, I am now able to offer my own “little” works of art. They are available at tinyturns.etsy.com.

I am proud to be a member of I.G.M.A., S.A.M.,and N.A.M.E.

My background – Though I have worked in the medical field all my adult life, my heart in the art field. So much, that I went back to school for a degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design in 2001. I studied drawing, painting, fiber arts, sculpture, print making. so many fascinating mediums! Put that with my love of tiny things and you have an artist in miniature. I later apprenticed with the IGMA Artisan Fellow Gerda van Dijk of van Dijk Miniatures. Since that time I have worked to develop my own style and have ventured out into painting, furniture, accessories…well, anything that one needs in the miniature world! I am so thankful to be in this mini-culture and look forward to meeting more “little people” at the shows, at the Guild, or even on the “net”.

Thanks for visiting my site, Debi


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